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If you are struggling with your health, weight goals or simply challenged with the commitment of a long term exercise program, fat loss coaching is definitely the way to achieve amazing results. Exercise is important, but your diet is responsible for 90% of weight and fat loss. Our 12 week fat loss challenge has proven results.

For the past 30 years, Charlie Remington, a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Healing Minister, has helped change the way thousands of clients’ approach losing weight and managing overall health, with his NEW Fat Loss Coach Program - “Becoming A Winner At Losing.”

"Becoming a Winner at Losing" is a unique holistic wellness program that combines scientifically sound eating and lifestyle routines that will ignite your metabolism and redirect your spirit, producing dramatic weight loss. In addition to rapid weight loss, my program improves overall health and contributes to emotional and spiritual well-being.
Success Stories

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Coach met Marcello 12 weeks ago. Marcello's family owns the well known Anthony's Ocean View. His family business revolves around celebration with food. He laughed when Coach told him on our first meeting I would teach him how to celebrate being lean.

Well, 12 weeks passed and Coach is happy to report Marcello is celebrating having lost 22 lb. of fat, while gaining 2 lb. of muscle and his body fat dropping from 29% down to 19%. Marcello beat the 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge goal!

I met Arron and his old world Albanian mom 12 weeks ago. During the meeting, Arron's mom started crying because she was concerned about his health. Wiping her tears she said, "Coach can you help my son". Coach responded, "I'll teach Arron to eat his way out of being obese".

I'm happy to report Arron lost 42 lb. of fat in only 12 weeks, while increasing his muscle weight 3.6 lb. Arron's body fat percentage dropped from 38% fat to 26%. When Arron was leaving he said, "I now have all the tools to lose the next 30 lbs, and my mom will never have to cry again about my weight."

Hall of Fame FAT LOSS:

Russ lost 40 lbs of fat while adding an amazing 14 lbs of muscle. Russ went from 220 lbs to 190 lbs in only 12 weeks and his body fat percentage dropped from 37% all the way down to 21%. This is special for a man 74 years old or at any age. When Coach told Russ he was a Fat Loss Coach All-Star it made Coach's day when Russ said, this was the first time he weighed 190 lb since high school 56 years ago.

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    In June of 2013 the American Medical Association made a historical change in reclassifying obesity from a condition to a disease… As the scientific community searches for the genetic code to explain obesity’s origin, The Fat Loss Coach a lifestyle solution in Connecticut has been spreading like wildfire to end obesity’s reign for more than two decades…

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