The 12-Week Fat Loss Program

Proven Results Thousands Satisfied Clients
The 12-Week Fat Loss Program Consists of:

No pre-packaged foods, pills or powders. Gain enhanced exercise performance.

A 12-week meal plan made for YOUR BODY

Your diet will be based on your body, metabolic cycle, and the foods that you enjoy. Coach Remington's consult includes a precise body scan and evaluation that measures your fat and lean levels, allowing Coach to create a weight loss meal plan based around your body and metabolic cycle.

Your Fat Loss Diet Plan Isn't Actually A Diet At All

The most common phrase I hear meeting new clients is,"Coach I've tried dieting and eating less and it doesn't work for very long and I can't keep the weight off"...

I show them this picture saying,"You could have eaten four meals like this and it would target fat, while friendly to muscle and metabolism... The best part is it keeps working to you reach your goal, then to maintain the result you'll eat even more.

Calorie Confusion

Most meal plans provide four meals per day centered around Coach's patented Glyco-Cycle, a method of tricking your body into targeting fat while maintaining muscle and lean mass. Over 18,000 clients have visited Coach over the last 30 years and have dramatic weight loss which became their healthy lifestyle .


The support you need to keep on target

Visit Coach for 7 total visits at his Cheshire office. By following your customized meal plan and Coach's direction, lose up to 36 pounds* with my weight loss diet plan. 

*There's no guarantee of specific results. Individual results related to weight loss may vary. 

The Fat Loss Coach customized program is not designed or supervised by any physicians and is not intended to provide medical advice of any kind. As with the case with any sound nutritional or exercise program, consult your physician or health care adviser before using the Fat Loss Coach system. This is particularly important if you have any medical conditions, are taking any medications, or have any physical restrictions. 

Success Stories

Barbara has lost 37 lb. of fat, while increasing 6 lb. of muscle with very limited exercise of only 2 hours per week with my weight loss meal plan.

At 65, starting at 192 lb. and at 49% body fat Leslie didn’t believe she could do it. In just 12 weeks Leslie lost 34 lb. of fat and increased 5 lb. of muscle.

Powered by the Coach’s Glyco-Cycle, it has rewritten John’s destiny… John has lost an amazing 30 lb. of fat and increased his lean muscle by 3 lb. in only 12 weeks on my weight loss diet.

Bill was starting out at 276 lb. at 37.1% body fat and had 102 lb. of fat… To get to the desired 22% body fat Bill would have to lose 52 lb. of fat, while maintaining his muscle… 12 weeks after starting the program, he had lost 55 lb. of fat!

Our journey together has been amazing, and now ALL can see the treasure, which was once hidden… Sal has lost an incredible 135 lb. and has totally transformed his life spirit, mind and body and Coach is so proud of him.

Debbye has lost 30 lb. of fat in only 12 weeks, while gaining 5 lb. of muscle… Her new lifestyle has also healed her of several metabolic disorders she had been medicated for over many years.

Gil at one point in his life weighed 425 lb. and had battle his weight most of his adult life… Well I’m happy to report Gil has lost 185 lb. and now weighs 240 lb.

Leonor’s experience with her new Fat Loss Coach Lifestyle… Leonor went from 165 lb. down to 129 lb., she lost 44 lb. of fat, while gaining 8 lb. of muscle.

When I met Marie, she was more than 100 lb. overweight and on 270 units of insulin per day. I will always remember telling her your medicine is making you sick. If you know anything about insulin, that is enough medicine for an elephant. Marie has lost 90 lb. at the age of 66 and she is off insulin completely.

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